The noblest art is that of making others happy.
— P.T. Barnum

The Nightowl concept was born in a San Francisco hotel in 2017 after attending yet another corporate event staffed with urns of mud water—or Starbucks premium blonde roast—whichever title you prefer. On that same trip I visited a few of my favorite coffee shops in the country, including Ritual, Saint Frank, and Blue Bottle. Despite wearing my Make America Great Again shirt through Embarcadero, I made it back in one piece, along with inspiration of utilizing mixology and the cocktail culture to offer a new experience in event catering.

Providing people with an interactive beverage experience they've never encountered before became the core mission of Nightowl. While I don't know what's next for us, one thing is certain—coffee and cocktails will always unite us—and that inspires me. They can take us places we've never been before, transcending the borders of nations and the time periods that separate the way beverages have been celebrated throughout history.  And while a really awesome time machine or virtual tasting experience would be way cooler, since I ran out of funding and Elon Musk wouldn't call me back, I decided to launched a coffee cart instead....and it actually turned out pretty awesome!


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